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Our Top 3 Flag and Banner Blog Posts of 2017

Posted by Accent Banner on Dec 7, 2017 2:28:00 PM


Another successful year of flag and banner manufacturing in Medford, MA! It is always around this time of year we like to reflect on the year that's gone by and our accomplishments. One of our initiatives this year was to provide our website visitors with more more useful flag and banner content through consistent blogging. After analyzing our 2017 posts we identified our 3 most viewed posts. Below is a small summary and links to our most popular blog posts of 2017.


flag cleaning

1) Flag Cleaning 101: How to Wash a Flag   

This post is pretty self explanatory but received the most traffic this year. This blog artcile explains the specifics of how to wash different flag material including nylon, polyester, cotton, and wool. The post also includes some easy flag care and flag cleaning tips!


Read Flag Cleaning 101: How to Wash a Flag





2) Flag Maintenance 101: How to Keep Flags From Fading

It seems that flag care and maintenance tips for residential use were a popular topic for readers! Our second most popular post this year provided tips on keeping your flag from fading. In this article we expand upon flag cleaning and repair tips. 

Read Post on How to Keep Flags from Fading



*The final step of a succesful flagpole re-rope 


3) How to Re-Rope a Flagpole 

The third most viewed blog post from 2017 explained how to re-rope a flagpole. We've done a good number of posts on flagpole installation and even made a free downloadbale guide on flagpole installation.  Whether you have a flagpole at your home or business these resources will help keep your flag flying successfully. 

Read How to Re-Rope a Flagpole


We hope you found this quick recap of our most viewed blog posts from 2017 useful. We're looking forward to providing more helpful flag care tips and content in the new year! 

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Sports Banners: Represent Your Team with Pride

Posted by Accent Banner on Nov 20, 2017 11:43:00 AM

sports banners
Whether your team is on home turf or traveling across the country to compete, make your presence known with a standout team flag by Accent Banner. Waving a team flag at away games and events fires up your athletes, reinforces their sense of pride and team, and lets your opponent know "WE ARE HERE!" Back home, on your own turf, athletics banners catch everyone's attention, unite teammates who share a common goal, celebrate athlete and team accomplishments and set the bar for more achievement to follow, they serve as a beacon of school pride, reinforce a sense of identity, and they continue the traditions of your program.


Types of Custom Flags and Sports Banners

Our athletic banners and flags are in high demand at every level from high school, to university and collegiate, and professional teams alike. If you are an athletic director or coach consider collaborating with us to craft a uniquely designed custom flag or banner that your team will treasure for years to come. 

Our flags and banners come in three varieties (explained here in more detail):

  1. Applique Banners -- highest possible value, quality craftsmanship, impressive aesthetic
  2. Printed Flags -- high-resolution, unlimited design options, cost-effective
  3. Hybrid Flags -- combines the craftmanship of applique and the design capabilities of print


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These 3 product options allow us to cater to your specific needs. We take the time to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option so you can feel confident that your flag will represent your team well. We also provide a myriad of fabric colors and endless size options so your eye-catching banner or flag can be displayed with ease in your gymnasium, arena, flagpole, or outdoor facilities. We recommend downloading our free guide to athletics banners which is an excellent resource for design tips, style options and access to a gallery of our top-notch works. 


Click to View Our Athletics Banner Gallery


Request a Custom Banner Quote

Once you have a vision for your flag or banner, please take advantage of our free quote offer so we can get started on bringing your design to life. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries - we are happy to help!

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Flag Facts: Fun Facts about Pirate Flags

Posted by Accent Banner on Nov 7, 2017 11:52:00 AM


flag factsPerhaps no symbol is more iconic than the eerie skull and crossbones of a Jolly Roger flag or pirate flag as it is often referred to. There is more to this infamous image than meets the eye; for the flag of a pirate was far more complex than what popular culture portrays. Here's some interesting flag facts and trivia about pirate flags that you might not know!


Pirates Used Flags to be Sneaky

The pirate flag was not flown at all times. Pirate ships would fly flags of other nations to trick incoming vessels, and when the ships were close enough, only then would the crew raise their Jolly Roger as a warning to surrender.


Execution Due to Flag-Ownership

Can you imagine a flag being so influential and feared that a person could be sentenced to death just by owning one? During the Golden Age of Piracy, simply owning a pirate flag was illegal. Since there was no reason for someone who wasn't a pirate to own the flag, the individual in question would be assumed a pirate, a crime for which the punishment was death.

flag trivia


Before the Skull and Crossbones

Early versions of pirate flags were actually solid red or black. Privateers would traditionally fly a red flag to let incoming ships know they were not associated with the Royal Navy. Since many of these privateers eventually became pirates, it was only natural that they would choose to keep the red flag. Pirates were known to use red flags as a sign that they would show no mercy to their enemies.

Black flags, on the other hand, were a more welcoming sight to the pirates' victims. Although being attacked by pirates was never a good thing, a black flag signified that the pirates would allow their victims a peaceful surrender.


Pirates Had Personalized Flags

We're all familiar with the skull and crossbones, but did you know there were multiple renditions of pirate flags? Almost every pirate ship had a unique flag design suited to the captain's particular taste, and it was extremely rare for two pirates to have the same flag. With the most common symbols being skulls and skeletons, other popular themes were blood, swords, and hourglasses (symbolizing the enemy's incoming death). All struck fear in their victims, making them more likely to surrender their booty.


Whether you're a swashbuckling pirate or a landlubber in search of your own iconic, customized flag, don't hesitate to contact us at Accent Banner to create your own designs and request a free quote!

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