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Applique Flags

applique flags

Custom made flags and banners are our specialty at Accent Banner. And even further inside that niche is the process of applique. Unlike printing a flag, making applique flags requires an intricate process that involves a high level of skill and knowledge. The applique process is a multiple step, high quality way of producing a custom flag that involves layering fabric on top of one another to form unique patterns, shapes, and even colors. 

Our team at Accent Banner can produce custom flags and banners in many different ways, but our true specialty is applique. To learn more about the applique process visit our applique page on our site. 


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If you'd like to get a custom quote a hand sewn flag using the applique process click the button below to submit our form and receive a detailed quote. While other processes such as printing a custom flag can work well with a specific project type and budget, the quality of an appliqued product is second to none.



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