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Employee Spotlight of the Week - 9

Posted by Accent Banner on Sep 21, 2020 11:26:36 AM

Employee Name: Keerthana Dhananjayan

Marketing Design Manager

linkedin employee of the month-Keerthana-SF-01

Where are you from?
Bangalore, India

How long have you lived in Boston?
4 years

What are your hobbies/interest?
Swimming, Dancing, Cooking

How many languages do you speak?
English, Tamil, Hindi, Kanada, un peu French

What’s your favorite project in Accent Banner?
SEO optimizing our Web Pages

What do you like about Accent Banner?
“ I get to learn new things everyday, I have the freedom to explore, implement and execute  new strategies in real life.”

Favorite Movie: Interstellar

Favorite Book: Wuthering Heights and all Jane Austen books

Favorite Artist: Hans Zimmer


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