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Flags Engineered for Space - Earth

Posted by Accent Banner on Aug 7, 2020 10:02:22 AM

Flag Engineered for Space: Earth



Earth is alone among the planets in having vast oceans of liquid water on its surface and the undisputed presence of life. Through the combination of plate movements known as tectonics, volcanic activity and comet impacts, large amounts of water accumulated on Earth’s surface. Earth is the only planet known to have large amounts of water in all states: solid, liquid and gas.


Flag Materials
Earth being the birthplace of flags, has a variety of materials and methods to construct a flag. Commonly used materials for flags are:
Cotton, Nylon and Polyester


Earth’s challenges are its, weather conditions such as, sunlight, wind, rain, and snow. Cotton is natural and is a very good-looking material but is prone to fading and shrinkage when exposed to sunlight. Since it is not the perfect material for outdoor usage, it is commonly used for indoor applications such as ceremonies or banners.


The minimum surface temperature is -128°F (-89°C) and maximum surface temperature is 136°F (58°C).


Flag Construction
Nylon is strong, lightweight and is preferred in sunny areas due to its resistance to the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. Also, nylon can dry quickly making it favorable for rainy areas. In addition to all the above, it is lightweight allowing it to fly in the slightest of winds in turn providing us a beautiful visual effect. Nylon is by far the most recommended and popular material for flags on Earth.

The most durable flag material is polyester and is comparatively heavier in weight, strong and long lasting. It is the best material for high wind areas, as it can bear harsh weather conditions.

Furthermore, these flag components provided by Accent Banner on Earth can further prolong the life of your flag on Earth:

1. Reinforced Fly-End
2. Header with Grommet or Header with Rope and Thimble
3. Reinforced Tie Down Patch
4. Reinforced Wind Slits or Reinforced Wind Holes
5. Fly-Thru Batten System (Accent Banners own design and improvement on metal non-tangle rods)

Please click the link below to our flag components blog if you would like to learn more about prolonging the life of your flag.


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