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Flags Engineered for Space - Mars

Posted by Accent Banner on Aug 21, 2020 9:41:16 AM

mars - planets-SF-01

Mars is a bitterly cold dessert world, stained a rusty red by iron-rich dust on its surface. Mars lacks the gravity to hold on to a dense atmosphere and its tenuous air is almost devoid of oxygen. Dust clouds on Mars can reach 3000ft (1000m) in height and last for several weeks. Minimum temperature is 225F (-143c) and maximum temperature is 95F (35C).

Mars has an atmosphere just 1% of the density of the Earth’s atmosphere, which means that the wind is not strong enough to address this by using a lighter material or by simply hanging the flag from a horizontal pole (like the moon). We can use the AB Fly-Tru Batten System.

Destination: Along the Valles Marineris

Five times deeper and nearly 10 times longer than earth’s grand canyon, Valles Marineris stretches across the face of Mars like a vast wound.


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