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What is Needle-Turn Applique?

Posted by Accent Banner on Sep 10, 2020 9:29:37 AM

Needle-Turn Appliqué

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Here patterns are drawn onto fabric and pre-cut but the pieces include a bit of extra material outside of the drawn pattern. The fabric is then sewn along the pattern lines to the fabric below and as the stitchery sews down the pieces as they go they turn the excess fabric below, so it is sandwiched between the fabric on the top and bottom layers. This also hides the stitches and the extra material pushes the top layer out creating a three dimensional effect. Needle-turn Appliqué must be done by hand or sophisticated machinery.


Flagpole Repair & Maintenance

Accent Banner’s Field Services team provides expert flagpole maintenance services—to ensure that your flags, flagpole, and related-hardware remain in top performance, appearance, and condition.

Flag Cleaning & Repair

Did you know that outdoor flags can be cleaned, repaired and rotated to prolong their life? We have devised an assortment of techniques to help restore tattered flags, so that they can be raised aloft once again.

Torn flag? We can sew it back together, even reinforce it making it stronger then before. Dirty flag? We can clean it. If your flag is beyond repair please call your local Veterans organization for disposal services.

Applique Flags

Custom made flags and banners are our specialty at Accent Banner. And even further inside that niche is the process of applique. Unlike printing a flag, making applique flags requires an intricate process that involves a high level of skill and knowledge. The applique process is a multiple step, high quality way of producing a custom flag that involves layering fabric on top of one another to form unique patterns, shapes, and even colors.

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