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Three Types of Banners For Your School

Posted by Accent Banner on Jun 1, 2020 5:07:03 PM

Three types of banners for your school are:

  1. Athletic Banners
  2. Gonfalons
  3. Backdrops

Athletic Banners

Often referred to by their specific sport name (Hockey Banners, Wrestling Banners, Basketball Banners, etc.) athletic banners display your student athletes or teams’ accomplishments. Cleanable, update-able, and modifiable appliqued athletics banners often prove to be more cost effective than printed banners especially over time. Most importantly these banners honor your students and sports program with the distinguished aesthetic they deserve.

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Whether being marched down the aisle of a commencement ceremony or adorning the sides of the stage during a school wide assembly, custom applique, printed, or hybrid gonfalons provide a regal and honorable opportunity to display your school brand and identity. School gonfalons often become iconic and are an alumni favorite to display (often on a smaller scale) at their home or office.

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The BIGGEST banner used by schools is the well-known stage backdrop. Often 20’ or 30’ wide these applique banners hang proudly displaying the name and logo of your educational institution. Seeing  their graduate in front of this beautiful backdrop at commencement makes a parent’s heart fill  with pride for their graduate and school.

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