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Colleges and Universities

College Banners and Flags

Colleges and Universities account for a larger number of our clients at Accent Banner. We take pride in offering numerous custom solutions for our educational institutions. These include athletics banners, college flags, college gonfalons, graduation backdrops, table drapes, and more.


Athletics Banners:

Athletics banners are used by colleges all over the country to showcase their athletic achievments. We partner with our customers to make sure that they get the exact banner they want along with timely delivery and great service.

College Flags

Hand in hand with college banners are our custom college flags and pennants. Just like our banners we can offer and style or type of custom flag for colleges and universities.


Graduation Gonfalons

Gonfalons are used by colleges and universities across the country. We can offer high quality custom gonfalons for our customers using the same applique techniques we use to create our other custom banners.


Commencement Backdrops

We have the ability to make large scale custom backdrops for college graduation. Our backdrops for commencement have been used by numerous colleges and universities all around the country to make a great impression.


Table Drapes

College table drapes can make a great impression at any college or university trade show. We can work with your department to make sure your branding is consistent and makes a great impression to potential new students.

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