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Custom Banners

Whether large format or small, intended for interior or exterior use, fabrication of custom banners, backdrops, table drapes, exhibition booths and other displays will feature either appliqué or print techniques.


Applique Banners

Appliqué banners are Accent Banner’s signature product. These beautiful, colorful and unique fabric-on-fabric stitched creations are designed and hand-crafted with benefit of the finest workmanship in the industry. Their visual appeal is unparalleled. They're durable, too.

Print Banners

We offer products in an array of print methods, including:

  • 4 & 6-color digital
  • Dye sublimation
  • Acid dye
  • Screen print

Customized designs can be reproduced in a variety of mediums — nylon, canvas, Sunbrella®, vinyl (gloss, matte, and mesh,) and solid substrates.


Hybrid Banners

As the name implies, this approach melds the best features of applique and print into one elegant result.

custom banners

Athletics Banners:

We have all seen them, those lofty appliquéd banners hanging in the pro basketball arena, the flowing flags cheerleaders run with at college football games, banners that “Wow!” us. Why do we notice them? What makes these banners stand out more than others? Maybe it’s because we associate them with our favorite teams, or maybe they are just more visually appealing than the standard, low-budget vinyl banners we see all around us everyday. Whatever the reason, the message conveyed by appliquéd banners goes well beyond sewn text or logo. They express a sense of excellence, of tradition, of something valuable or even great. They make an impression.


Applilqued, printed, and hybrid gonfalon banners are both elegant and regal, perfect for graduations and ceremonies. We also offer all the necessary hardware to march and/or display your gonfalon properly.


Printed Fabric Banners

Printed Fabric Banners:

Although printed fabric banners are not as durable as applique banners they do allow for a wider range of graphic capabilities. From stretchy to silky we offer dozens of fabric options. With just a brief conversation we can help you chose which fabric and printing method will work best for your project.

Light Pole Banners

Light Pole Banners:

The combination of durable vinyl, double stitched hems and pole pockets, and the highest quality printing available make our pole banners durable and attractive.


Large Format Banners

Large Format Banners:

Go BIG! There is nothing more eye catching than a large format banner. We offer printed and hybrid banners that are large enough to cover a house. But what's really impressive are our 30' wide x 50' high applique banners!

Vinyl Mesh Banners

Vinyl Mesh Banners:

Mesh banners allow for a reduction in wind resistance as they are made of a vinyl with hundreds of small holes throughout the banner. Common applications for mesh vinyl include building wraps, scaffolding banners, and fence banners.

Hybrid Banners

Hybrid Banners:

As the name implies, this approach melds the best features of applique and print into one elegant result.

Sunbrella Banners

Sunbrella Banners:

Most commonly used for awnings Sunbrella fabric provides the longest lasting life span for an appliqued outdoor banner. We stock many Sunbrella colors and dozens more are available for special order.

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