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  • Burgees & Pennants
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Custom Flags: Applique, Print and Hybrid

Custom Applique Flags

We offer appliqued, printed, and hybrid flags of any shape and size for indoor and outdoor use. We also offer a wide range of finishing and hardware options.

Corporate Flags

Corporate Flags:

Our appliqued and printed flags help your organization stand out to passers by, at tradeshows, and corporate events. They look great hanging on the outside of your building or displayed in your lobby. Click to learn more about corporate flags

Burgees & Pennants

Burgees & Pennants:

Burgees and pennants are a great way to adorn your boat, show school pride, or build brand awareness at any local event. Our custom pennants and burgees have been used by countless clients; including the megaship the Maltese Falcon! Download our FREE Boat Flag Size Chart! Click HERE

Printed Flags

Printed Flags:

Although custom applique flags are our specialty we also offer a lower priced alternative: printed flags. Our precise design and printing skills make any custom flag look amazing! Click to learn more about custom printed flags.

Hybrid Flags

Hybrid Flags:

Our "Hybrid" flags exactly as the name suggests; a combination of applique stichwork and the printed materials. This is a great solution if you're looking for unique hand stiched design at a slightly lower pricepoint. Learn about hybrid flags.

Fly-Tru Batten Flags

Fly-Tru Batten Flags:

Our "Fly-Tru" flag batten system provides a safer, and more attractive solution for flying flags outdoors without the dangers of a metal non-tangle rod. This is a very popular solution that was created in-house by our talented staff.




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