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Custom Flags and Banners

Custom Flags and Banners:

Subsequent to its founding in 1992, Accent Banner purchased The Flag Center, the venerable (est. 1938) Cambridge-based flag retailer and banner manufacturer. The synergies realized from the combined entities have fueled Accent Banner’s long-term record of growth, development, and success. Today, Accent Banner stands as a pre-eminent custom banner manufacturer, flag retailer, flagpole and parts dealer, and installation specialist. Here are a few more insights into our company:

Accent Banner is deeply committed to the quality and integrity of our products. The construction of custom offerings and retailed items alike is scrutinized to assure product durability.
Our superior workmanship is an outgrowth of Accent Banner’s commitment to our personnel, in whom we invest by underwriting individual training, professional development, and educational pursuits.
We are innovative and flexible, conscious of our customers’ changing needs, and willing to adapt to new markets, materials, technologies and methodologies.
Accent Banner products are frequently displayed in highly visible, often dramatic locations such as the State House, Boston City Hall, Boston Harbor Hotel Rotunda, Fenway Park environs.
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