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Print Houses & Design Firms

Contract Finishing Work

We work in partnership with print houses and design firms to provide contract finishing work services for speciality projects. Whether it's hemming, adding grommets, bookbinding, pole pockets, or creating fully customized tension fabric structures we can do it all. 


Print Houses:

With our in-house team of experience stitchers we can offer solutions that typical print houses may not be willing to do. Our team and equipment enable us to provide stitching, grommeting, hemming, pole sleeves, pole pockets, and more to our print house partners. Our page on finish work outlines some of the custom solutions we can provide.


Design Firms:

Our in-house design team can also work hand in hand with design firms to create custom solutions for their clients. Our in-house software and creative department can work seamlessly with your design firm to craft a custom solution for your client.

 Regardless if you are a print house, a design firm, or just a business that needs a custom solution, Accent Banner can help. Our specialists will work with you to craft a solution that fits your needs and budget. Click HERE to request a free custom quote.

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