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Custom Printed Flags    Printed Flags

If you need a unique approach to advertising your business or organization, our printed flags provide the means. Our attractive, durable printed custom flags provide long-lasting service and are proudly made in the U.S.A. of quality materials. Printed flags make a great display counterpoint to printed banners for your business.

Our Manufacturing Process

Though our applique flags provide the best durability and longest life, our custom printed flags provide a great low-cost option for the budget conscious. We use precise designs and printing skills to create a flag that still looks fabulous at a reduced

plot1We use three different manufacturing processes when printing custom flags. The first is screen dying or dye dispersal printing which uses a dye to permeate the entire thickness of the fabric, providing a perfect image on both sides of the flag. We can also provide digital printing and dye sublimation printing, but the image will only appear on one side of the fabric. Some clients ask that we use a lighter-weight cloth so the image can be seen on the other side, but you should be aware that this can make the flag less durable.

We provide double-stitched hems and other features to increase durability, and our manufacturing process has been perfected over the two plus decades we've serve the greater Boston area. Our goal is to provide maximum delivery for our clients at a minimal cost. We can work with you directly to develop a completely customized design using your graphics or can provide a complete design service, letting you concentrate on what matters most.

Advertising with Printed Flags


Printed flags are a great way to capture the attention, because motion attracts attention. They're also a more visually appealing option than more traditional advertising means. Because they are less expensive than traditional advertising, they're a great way to target specific areas in a more effective fashion.

Especially when you're just starting out or are not able to invest in a hand made applique flag, printed flags are an excellent, cost-effective alternative. They create a direct location-based link from your business to potential clients.

At Accent Banner, we've been serving the Boston, Massachusetts area for over two decades as a designer and manufacturer of high-quality flags and banners. Please contact us for more details on creating stylish advertising that helps promote your business.




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