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Retractable Banner Stands  retractable banner stands

Retractable banner stands provide businesses with a versatile and convenient option when they want to showcase banners. Ideal as a backdrop for trade show products, such as custom banners and other advertisements, retractable banner stands are lightweight and portable. In addition, because they are retractable, these banner stands are easy to store when you are not using them.


Our Manufacturing Process

In order to ensure that our customers have the most durable choices when it comes to the signage for a business, we offer several different types of retractable banner stands. The basic design, however, involves end pieces that are molded out of high quality materials. A banner pole that is made of three pieces that are bungee-corded together complete the process. Made in the United States, Accent Banners is proud of our commitment to our customers to offer them convenient and attractive solutions for their marketing needs. Available in a range of sizes -- from tabletop to larger-than-life -- retractable banner stands can also be manufactured as either single or double sided to suit your unique needs.


Banner StandUses for a Banner Stand

While a trade show is the obvious choice when you are thinking about uses for a banner stand, these versatile items lend themselves other events as well. Display banners for your new products using a retractable banner stand. Its portable and lightweight design makes it easy to move the banner to different areas of your retail shop to determine the best placement. Although these banner stands are designed to be used indoors, they can also be placed outside as long as the weather is pleasant. In order to protect the stand from unintended accidents, be sure to bring it inside in the event of excessive winds, stormy weather or hail. Accent Banners is focused on high quality products and exemplary customer service. A mainstay in the Boston area for more than twenty years, we are committed to providing you with the high quality products you need to make your business successful.



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