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What is Appliqué


An Overview of the Appliqué Process

Appliqué banners are Accent Banner's signature product. These beautiful, colorful, and unique fabric-on-fabric stiched creations are designed and hand-crafted on-site, with benefit of the finest worksmanship in the industry.  Each item is individually assembled and stitched by our expert sewing team. This attention to detail results in a quality product that is easily distinguished from its mass-produced competition, and in turn distinguishes your company or organization.

Applique Pattern

Creating a pattern:

Once a final design has been approved by the client our art department creates a vector file to send to our plotting machine. The plotter re-creates the design by making a series of holes in paper which we use as a pattern for stitching.

Applique Banner

Transferring the pattern:

The completed pattern created by the plotter is positioned on top of several layers of fabric. Using a combination of chalk and oil our team waxes the pattern leaving behind an impression of the design on the fabric.

stitching Applique

Stitching the design:

Using the impression of the design left by the transferring process as a guide our expert stitchers use industrial grade stitching machines to sew the layers of material together.

trimming Applique

Trimming the design:

Once the entire design has been stitched our production staff removes the excess material by hand cutting along the stitch lines. This stage requires a level of precision and skill that can only be acquired from years of experience. When done properly the cutting stage leaves behind sharp, clean edges of text, logos, or designs of any sort.

Applique finishing


As the final stage banners and flags are completed by adding any combination of our many finishing options. From pole pockets to grommets, the intended method for displaying the flag or banner determines which combination of finishing options best suits your project.

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