Flag Cleaning, Repair, and Disposal


In addition to making beautiful custom flags and banner we also take great pride in our abilities to maintain them. Our company has the ability to clean, repair, dispose of, and recycle old flags and banners.

Flag Cleaning:

One of our popular services is flag cleaning. When you’ve invested in a high quality flag you want to make sure it’s taken care of. Our facility has the ability to clean flags and banners quickly and efficiently without damaging or discoloring the material. It is easy to ruin a well-kept flag simply by using the wrong process when washing it. Call us to schedule a drop-off time or visit our facility and we will get your flags and/or banners cleaned, folded, and returned to you looking brand new.


(Torn flags can be easily mended using the correct techniques)


Flag Repair:

 If your flag is worn and tattered we also offer flag and banner repair services to help bring your flag back to life. If you’ve invested in a high quality flag it’s much easier and economical to repair it than replace it or dispose of it the correct way, more on that in a moment.

Often a flag only needs cleaning to restore its original appearance. We recommend that you get the flag mended as soon as you see signs of wear. Typically the first part of a flag to show wear is the fly end (the outer edge of the flag), where hems or seams have begun to unravel due to stress from the wind. Our team can mend an older flag and restore it to near its original condition. Simply call us to schedule a drop off time or bring it to our shop in Medford and we’d be happy to restore it for you.


Flag Disposal:

Eventually flags wear down beyond reasonable repair. Because of this we also offer flag disposal, otherwise known as retiring a flag. You might assume this is  an easy process; however when done correctly and legally there is an exact method of retiring a U.S. flag that needs to be followed. If you have a flag, or large number of flags that need to be disposed of please contact us to schedule a drop-off time and we will be able to dispose of them the correct way.

If you prefer to not retire your flag and hope to find a new use for it you can talk to our specialists about our numerous ways of recycling old flags and banners to create a huge variety of unique bags, totes, blankets, and other great items. Visit our “Specialty Products” page to learn more.


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Flag Maintenance

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