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Athletics Banners

Athletics Banners:

Athletics Banners are one of our most popular products. Whenever we have the chance to create a championship banner we know that it will be displayed in a prominent area with great pride. From high schools, to colleges, to the Boston Celtics, our clients for athletics banners run the gamut.


Our Athletic Banner Manufacturing Process

To create athletics banners our experienced stitching team layers fabric on top of each other to create beautiful patterns and team designs. This process of layering fabric by hand is known as appliqué, and is a specialty process that only a few custom flag and banner manufacturers offer.  Applique banners are Accent Banner’s specialty and signature product. These beautiful, colorful and unique fabric-on-fabric stitched creations are designed and hand-crafted in our workroom. Each one-of-a-kind appliquéd piece provides dramatic visual appeal and durability. Although typically hung inside we can create high quality applique sports banners for outdoor use for any tennis or field hockey team.

athletic banner

Many of clients are from colleges and professional sports team but we also do projects for numerous public and private schools such as Milton Academy above


Custom Athletic Banners & Flags: 

Sports as varied as baseball, basketball, football, hockey, field hockey, tennis, soccer, and lacrosse have all found incredible uses for our range of different athletics banners that we can create. We are contacted by athletics coaches, directors, team members, and just about everybody in between to create championship banners by hand. 

To learn more about our process of creating appliqued banners visit our applique page.  Also download our guide to sports banners and learn more about the process of creating and designing these beautifully unique showpieces.

Applique Flag Making

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