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Flag Facts 005 - FLAG OF CONFLICT

Posted by Accent Banner on Jul 13, 2020 10:41:03 AM

This marker flag was used by the King’s African Rifles during the British campaign against the Mau Mau movement in Kenya. This 1950’s movement aimed to gain better conditions for Africans under British Rule and the struggles between the two sides eventually led to independence from Britain in 1963.

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Subsequent to its founding in 1992, Accent Banner purchased The Flag Center, the venerable (est. 1938) Cambridge-based flag retailer and banner manufacturer. The synergies realized from the combined entities have fueled Accent Banner’s long-term record of growth, development, and success. Today, Accent Banner stands as a pre-eminent custom banner manufacturer, flag retailer, flagpole and parts dealer, and installation specialist. Here are a few more insights into our company:

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Appliqué banners are Accent Banner's signature product. These beautiful, colorful, and unique fabric-on-fabric stitched creations are designed and hand-crafted on-site, with benefit of the finest workmanship in the industry.  Each item is individually assembled and stitched by our expert sewing team. This attention to detail results in a quality product that is easily distinguished from its mass-produced competition, and in turn distinguishes your company or organization.

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