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Flag Engineered for Space - Saturn

Posted by Accent Banner on Sep 4, 2020 5:19:20 PM

Planet: Saturn


Saturn is arguably the most beautiful of all the planets. Saturn’s density is less than water and if placed in a large enough ocean, the planet would float. Saturn appears deceptively placid but has a turbulent atmosphere. Saturn spins fast, generating high winds that race non-stop around the planet. Colossal electrical storms occur frequently and can last for months, hurling down bolts of lightning thousands of times more powerful than those on Earth.

Saturn is similar in composition and structure to Jupiter and like Jupiter a spacecraft could never land on Saturn. This means we must choose from the most capable Moons which are in fact already being pursued by NASA to plant our flag. Saturn’s moons Titan and Enceladus are key targets for future missions.

Titan is larger than Mercury and Enceladus and is the only other celestial body besides Earth with a nitrogen rich atmosphere. Enceladus is largely composed of rock and ice Despite the cold the dense atmosphere traps enough heat energy to drive a complex weather cycle with liquid methane on the surface evaporating and raining back down like water on Earth.

Enceladus has an average surface temperature of around -292°F (-180°C).

Flag Construction
A flag can be made of neoprene coated nylon which is the material used in the construction of space suits for astronauts. Like the decontamination system used on Europa’s flag the flag can be decontaminated before planting on one of these Moons.

Flag Materials
Neoprene coated nylon


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