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Flags Engineered for Space - Uranus

Posted by Accent Banner on Sep 11, 2020 12:09:23 PM

Planet: Uranus

Moon: Umbriel


Uranus spins on its side as it orbits the sun. Although not the farthest planet from the Sun, it is the coldest. The cloud top temperature is -323°F (-197°C). and the amount of sunlight Uranus receives is only 0.25% of that reaching Earth. Beneath an atmosphere tinged blue-green by methane lies a huge and slushy ocean surrounding a core of hot rock. The Planet’s lopsided magnetic field maybe generated by a layer of electrically charged water. Like all other planets after Jupiter, Uranus’s atmosphere makes it unsuitable for a spacecraft to land, therefore we choose one of it’s suitable moons that NASA is interested exploring due to its much more favorable conditions for life to be present.

Umbriel is the third largest moon of Uranus. The darkest of Uranus’ Moons, Umbriel is composed mainly of ice that is coated in a layer of dark material perhaps made of organic (carbon-rich) compounds.

Uranus’s moon Umbriel is a very cold world with an average surface temperature of minus 198°C (minus 324°F).

Flag Construction
To plant a flag here and have it endure Umbriel’s environment it would first need to be decontaminated before planting and coated with neoprene just like the materials used in Astronaut’s suits for surviving harsh conditions.

Flag Materials
Neoprene coated nylon



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