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Retail Flag Products and Accessories

Through our retail outlet and online store, we carry an extensive inventory of top-grade U.S., state, regional, international, historical, military, nautical, religious, and sports-related flags. A full complement of residential poles, brackets, and display hardware and accessories also are available. Accent Banner offers flag cleaning and repair service. If a flag is beyond the point of being able to be repaired we offer flag disposal service.
National Flags


We stock a wide range of flags including national, state, military, historical, decorative, and nautical. Many flags are available with a pole sleeve and fringe or a header with grommets. U.S. flags and many others are available in nylon and tough-tex. We only sell U.S. flags that are made in America.


custom backdrops


Indoor flagpoles for display or parade use are readily available and come in many sizes, finishes, and material options. We also offer outdoor poles for commercial and residential use..


Flagpole Accessories

Flag & Flagpole Accessories:

From flagpole ornaments to bases we have you covered. Other accessories including flag spreaders, cord and tassel sets, never furl kits, carrying bags, and cross bars are readily available through our retail division.



Flagpole Hardware:

Whether attaching your flagpole to a wall with a bracket or simply attaching your flag to the flagpole’s rope, Accent Banner maintains a large selection of flagpole hardware. Including but not limited to adjustable wall brackets, swivel snaps, caribeaners, rope, cleats, flagpole cap overs and trucks, and everything else in between are readily available to make sure your flagpole remains fully operational.


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