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Introduction to Gonfalons

Posted by Accent Banner on May 15, 2020 12:45:59 PM

A Gonfalon is made up of, 

  1. Design/ Shape of the Gonfalon
  2. Emblem/Shield of the Institution
  3. Text or Slogan  
  4. Decorative Elements

Gonfalons are often shield-shaped, which hang from a crosspiece on top of a pole. They will bear set of symbols that best represent the historical elements of your organization, business or event. To design a custom gonfalon, you can now refer to the below fun infographic to understand the basics of gonfalons.


Historically. Gonfalons came with several streamers at the bottom but now a days this is less common and will typically only be seen in religious ceremonies. These days many institutions have already chosen a font as part of their visual identity but if this isn't the case for your institution just let the designers at Accent Banner know and we can work with you to find a font that matches your branding. Many Gonfalons will also have decorative elements such as borders, tassels and fringe. These elements can add a serious and almost regal look to the Gonfalons.  

There are different shapes/designs in a Gonfalon, a few are:

  1. Straight
  2. Swallow Tail
  3. Triangle Tip
  4. Streamer

The different kinds of decorative elements which can be added to your Gonfalons are: 

  1. Tassels
  2. Borders
  3. Fringe

The Text/Slogan part of the Gonfalon can be,

  1. Name of the institution
  2. Name of the department 
  3. Statement 
  4. Slogan

The Emblem/Shield will be the symbolic representation of the Institution. 

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