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How to Attach a Snap Hook & Cover

Posted by Accent Banner on Mar 1, 2016 1:09:37 PM

How to Attach a Snap Hook & Cover

Snap hooks are the pieces of hardware that attach a flag to the flagpole rope (halyard). Snap hook covers protect the snap hook and prevent them from banging into the flagpole creating unwanted noise. Below is a step-by-step DIY guide to installing snap hooks and snap hook covers.

*Accent Banner suggests using only stainless steel snap hooks as opposed to brass to avoid oxidation and corrosion.



Snap Hook

 Step 1: Purchase 2, 1" x 3.75" swivel-I stainless steel snap hooks and 2 snap hook covers (available in grey, black, and brown).







 Step 2: Locate the square knot that ties both ends of the halyard together. This knot marks the center point for attaching your snap hooks. Measure up and down from the knot equal to half the height of your flag. For instance, if your flag is a 3’H x 5’W you should measure 18” up and down from the knot. Once you have measured and identified your connection points, fold the halyard to create a loop and feed it down through the top of the snap hook cover (see left).



Replace a Snap Hook

 Step 3: Pull the halyard loop all the way through so that it extends past the bottom of the snap hook cover.







snap hook

 Step 4: Now feed the loop through the bottom ring of the snap hook.







re-rope a flag Step 5: Once the loop is through the bottom eye hold feed the top of the snap hook back through the open loop and pull the halyard tight.







 Step 6: Slide the snap hook cover over the knot leaving just enough of the snap hook exposed for attaching to the flag.







 Step 7: Repeat steps 1-6 for the bottom snap hook. Once both snap hooks are attached to the flag, slide the covers down covering the hardware and knot completely.





Now that you have installed the snaphooks, covers, and secured your flag to the halyard, you’re ready to fly (the flag that is). For information on extending the life of your flag please click the button below.


 CTA- Flag Life


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