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Common Flagpole Hardware Components

Posted by Accent Banner on Mar 15, 2016 7:00:00 AM

 You are likely aware that flagpoles come in many styles, colors, and sizes. What you may not know is how many different parts of a flagpole are required to keep it operating properly. This post is a brief introduction to the more common and necessary parts every flagpole owner should be aware of.


flagpole truckTrucks

A flagpole’s truck is one of the most important components to be aware of. The truck sits at the top of the flagpole and serves two main purposes. The first is to allow the flagpole rope (halyard) to move through a pulley allowing the flag to be raised and lowered. The second, is to provide a place for attaching a flagpole ornament. Trucks are available in many styles including but certainly not limited to rotating, stationary, single, or double halyard, and internal or external halyard.




flag halyardHalyards

“Halyard” is a fancy way of saying rope (in our case, flagpole rope). Most flagpole halyards are made of rope or cable. Some heavier-duty halyards are nylon with a cable core. And internal halyard poles use steel cable or rope. If your flagpole’s halyard becomes frayed or broken, don't worry! We can help. Click here for DIY instructions on how to re-rope a flagpole




rings.pngBeaded Retainer Rings

Retainer flagpole rings are generally used with internal halyard flagpoles by providing a means of keeping the bottom of the flag close to the pole and as an aid to raise and lower the flag. Retainer rings can also be used on large multi-grommet flags on both external and internal halyard flagpoles as a means to keep the flags close to the pole and reduce the strain on the upper and lower grommets of the flag.





Both commercial and residential external halyard flagpoles can include a cleat. The cleat provides a secure location for tying the halyard in place while the flag flies from the top of the pole.






 Outrigger flagpoles require a bracket for attaching the pole to a building or home. Selecting the proper bracket is based on the style and size of flagpole you use. In order to make sure you are properly outfitted with the right bracket consult a specialist like those at Accent Banner.




flash-collar.pngFlash Collars:

Flagpole flash collars are made from spun aluminum and are designed with an opening that is 3/16 inch larger than the flagpole butt diameter. They are intended to sit at the bottom of the flagpole to create a finished look.




snap-hooks.pngSnap Hooks

Snap hooks are the pieces of hardware used for attaching the flag to the halyard. Snap hooks are available in brass, nickel, or stainless steel and should be used with a vinyl cover. We recommend stainless steel snap hooks as they are much stronger and more durable to the elements then brass or nickel snap hooks. Click to learn more about how to attach a snap hook





We have seen many different flagpole ornaments over the years so don’t be afraid to get creative with it. Most commonly used though are gold or silver balls. If flying the American flag one can use an eagle ornament. For flagpoles flying religious flags there are many versions of cross shaped ornaments available.



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