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The Different Types of Flagpole Trucks

Posted by Alan J. Duro on Jan 9, 2017 7:56:00 AM

A flagpole truck is one of the most important components of a flagpole. A flagpole top consists of a truck and an ornament and sometimes an adapter. There are several types of flagpole trucks you should be aware of. Each serves a different purpose and are intended for various types of flagpoles. Read our flagpole repair pages and articles to learn more about maintaining your flags.


flagpole capFlagpole Cap or Top Adapter

Although a flagpole cap or top adapter isn't actually considered a truck at all it is sometimes neccessary to be included in your flagpole top arrangement. A cap simply slips over the top of a flagpole and is secured with 3 stainless steel set screws. The cap is used to connect certain types of trucks to the flapole.





flagpole truckSingle Pulley Truck

A single pulley truck is the simplest system intended for raising and lowering a flag. These trucks are designed to fit over the top of a flag pole and be secured by the set screws which are typically included when you purchase it. The truck is also designed to receive an ornament to be displayed from the threaded hole located at the very top.




singlerevolve.pngSingle Pulley Revolving Truck

A single pulley revolving truck is similar to the single pulley truck except it has the ability to swivel around the flagpole. This additional function helps prevent the flag from wrapping around the flagpole. A revolving truck is great for windy weather where the flag and flagpole rope may change direction and get tangled.




Flag Care


DBLstationary.pngDouble Pulley Truck (Cap Style)

A double pulley flagpole system is slightly more complex. This unit is intended specifically for larger flagpoles that include two halyards. This double sheave truck assembly is made from cast aluminum with a matte finish, a nylon pulley and accepts a threaded spindle of an ornament. 



DBLrevolving.pngDouble Pulley Revolving Truck

The double pulley revolving truck is the cadillac of flagpole trucks. This systems is used on larger flagpole with halyards and works very well in incliment weather as it revolves to avoid tangling and wrapping of the flag.  Additionally, many double pulley revoloving trucks utilize a self-lubricating ball bearing assembly for ease of rotation, product life and strength.




In addition to knowledge of different flagpole parts our team has extensive knowledge of flagpole repair and maintenance. If you'd like to schedule either of those services or flag repair, flag cleaning, or flag and banner installation please contact us today. We'd be happy to provide you with a custom quote or provide more information regarding the maintainance of your flag and/or flagpole.


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