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Flagpole Repair: How to Re-Rope a Flagpole

Posted by Accent Banner on Dec 18, 2017 6:30:00 AM

How to Re-rope a Flag Pole

Over time a flagpole rope (or halyard) can become frayed, or even break. You can avoid this problem though! Be sure to inspect the halyard and connecting hardware when raising or lowering the flag. Make sure to check the connecting points of snap hooks as hardware can create friction on the halyard. If you notice fraying or discoloration of the halyard it’s time to make adjustments or replace the halyard entirely. If damage is minimal you can prolong the life of your halyard by moving the snap hooks to a new location. However, if you need to replace the halyard its best to do so while the halyard is still attached to the pole. Below is a step-by-step DIY flagpole repair guide to help you re-rope your flagpole.

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*If the halyard is no longer threaded through the pulley at the top of the pole and you are unable to reach that height on your own you will need to call in professionals such as Accent Banner’s Field Services team to resolve the issue. Contact us for a Quote

Note: Do not attempt to re-rope your flagpole if the halyard is wet. The moisture in the halyard will prevent the electrical tape from sticking.

 cut.pngStep 1: Cut a new halyard to the appropriate length. To make sure you have enough length multiply the height of the pole by two and add 10’. (Height x 2 + 10’ = X). If you need to cut your halyard to size be sure to wrap a small amount of electrical tape around the halyard at your cut point. Doing so will prevent fraying.






Step 2: Remove the flag and flag connecting hardware from the existing halyard.







 11-1.pngStep 3: Untie or cut the existing halyard creating two free ends. Tie one end of the halyard to the flagpole cleat to prevent the halyard from slipping through the pulley (truck) at the top of the flagpole.








Step 4: Using electrical tape connect the freely hanging end of the existing halyard with one end of the new halyard. Run a strip of electrical tape length wise across both pieces making sure each halyard meets in the middle. Squeeze the electrical tape around the halyards. Repeat this step with another piece of electrical tape creating a fully covered connection.






Step 5: Rub the taped connection between the palms of your hands to make sure both pieces of halyard are securely connected.








Step 6: For added security wrap electrical tape around the ends and middle of the connection (as shown with black tape). Note: be sure to not use to much electrical tape that the connection won’t fit through the pulley (truck).







Step 7: Untie the existing halyard from the cleat. Pull the existing halyard toward you raising the newly made connection upwards and through the pulley (truck). Continue pulling until the connection point returns to your position. If done properly you have just threaded the new halyard through the pulley (truck).






break.pngStep 8: Separate the connection by pulling the two halyards apart or cutting them apart if necessary. In the image to the left Vinny is separating the connection by stepping on the existing halyard and pulling the new halyard free.






L.jpgStep 9:Tie both ends of the new halyard together using a square knot. For an instructional video on tying square knots Click Here.








Step 10: Wrap electrical tape around the square knot being sure to cover both loose ends of the halyard. This will secure the knot and give the halyard a clean and professional look. Note: this knot will become your guide when installing the flag connecting hardware.






Step 11:Secure the halyard to the flagpole by wrapping it around the cleat in a figure 8 motion.







You are now ready to install the flag connecting hardware. Click here for instructions on how to install a snap hook and cover to your halyard! If you're unsure or want help from a flag and banner specialist contact us today. We'd be happy to provide you with a custom quote for your residence or business. 



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