How to Display Multiple Flags

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If you have several flags you wish to display, it's important to display them properly. The basic rules for displaying multiple flags in the United States take the following order from left to right:

  • National flags first, followed by
  • State flags, followed by
  • Territory flags, followed by
  • Military flags


Here are the basic rules for displaying each of these flags:


Displaying National Flags            flags-1.jpg

If you are displaying several national flags, you should display the United States flag first, followed by any other national flags in alphabetical order. For example: if you have flags for Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Canada, and the United States, you would put them in the following order (again from left to right when viewing the flags): United States, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, and Ireland. The United States flag is put in the most prominent position. If you are flying flags from several different countries during peacetime, all other country flags must be the same size and flown at the same height.

If the flags are to be flown in a circle or group of poles, the United States flag is always in the center and higher than any other flag, other than national flags. If you are displaying several flags on one pole (no other national flags are allowed), the United States flag must be in the highest position. If you wish to display the United States flag on something other than a flag pole, it needs to be displayed flat in a prominent place with the stars on the viewer's upper left hand corner.


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Displaying State and Territory Flags

The most prominent state flag should be the state the flag is flying, followed by each state, and then each territory, as they were admitted into the Union.


military flags

Displaying Military Flags

Military flags are displayed in the order when that branch of service was founded. The order should go:

  • Army
  • Marines
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Coast Guard
  • Any other group


To learn more about the correct ways to display and maintain flags and banners take a look at our other flag care and flag maintenance pages and posts at Our specialists are happy to assist you with any flag care questions you may have.

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3 Benefits of Custom Printed Flags

Posted by Alan J. Duro on Aug 9, 2016 7:00:00 AM


Custom printed flags are just one of the many types of custom flags that we're capable of creating at Accent Banner. As opposed to other styles of other custom flags, custom printed flags offer numerous advantages for any flag project. 


Endless Design Capabilities:     custom printed flags

One of the most popular advantages of printing flags is having endless design capabilities. When printing flags we use high resolution, high quality printers to produce the designs. The modern printing technology allows for a level of detail that was unachievable in the past. If your project includes a gradient or highly detailed logo then choosing a custom printed flag product could be the solution for you. 



Printing a flag requires much less production time than other methods such as applique, which results in a more cost effective product. Printing custom flags requires design time on a computer but doesn't require the time labor intensive process of applique flags. This also means that printed flags can be designed once and then replicated as many times as needed without additional cost.


Accurate Color Matching:    

One last advantage of custom printing is accurate color matching. With modern printing and design technology flag manufacturers can produce the exact color schemes that match your designs. By providing the exact pantone matching system (PMS) numbers we can match the color exactly. This results in seamless branding between your flags and the rest of your marketing materials.

To learn more about our custom printed flags visit our website. If you'd like to request a custom quote for your next flag project click the button below and a member of our staff will contact you shortly with the next steps!


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3 Terrific Types of Custom Flags

Posted by Alan J. Duro on Jun 9, 2016 9:30:00 AM


3 Types of Different Custom Flags

When it comes to designing a custom flag for your residence or business you have numerous options. At Accent Banner we specialize in finding the best custom solution that works for your needs and budget. To help you better understand the three very different types of custom flags we've put together a post definining the key differences between each style. 


Applique Flags:


 Applique flags are, in our opinion, the highest umass_amherst1.jpg
quality flag option there is. The applique process is a multiple step, high quality way of producing a custom flag that involves layering pieces of fabric on top of one another to form unique patterns, shapes, and even colors. It's highly skilled & labor intensive but it results in a look and finish that is incomprable. The downside from a consumers perspective is that, because of the additional production hours, appliqued flags end up costing more. However the value of an applique flag more than justifies the upfront cost.




Printed Flags:


Printed flags are exactly as they sound. As 10.pngopposed to cutting layers of fabric and layering them on top of each other, as done in applique, printed flags are the result of a high quality printer saturating a single layer of fabric with UV protected inks. High resolution printing quality is one of the primary benefits of printed flags. Printing designs directly from a high resolution graphic file also allow for extremely intricate designs to be achieved. Printed flags are often more cost effective options.




Hybrid Flags:

hybrid flags


Hybrid flags combine the benefits of both applique and printing technology. With a hybrid flag certain components can be appliqued while other components are printed. A flag with a highly intricate logo or gradient but also includes basic text or design elements is a perfect candidate for hybrid flags. The highly intricate design components can be printed while the other components would be appliqued. Doing so results in an aesthetically pleasing and durable high quality product. 







As you  can see each type of custom flag has its benefits and drawbacks. Our job at Accent Banner is to help you decide which method is best suited to your project and budget.  If you're interested in a custom flag we'd invite you to request a custom quote and a member of our staff will be in touch to walk you through the options. 


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