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Appliqué! What the heck is an appliquéd banner?

Posted by Derrek Coss on Nov 30, 2011 12:26:00 PM

From French, appliqué (pronounced app-la-kay) literally means “that which has been applied.” As an art form, a common example of appliqué is found in the world of ceramics, where a smaller often more decorative piece is attached to a larger vessel. With respect to sewing, appliqué is a needlework technique in which pieces of fabric or material are stitched onto a larger field of material to create text, images, or patterns. The process is labor-intensive but the effect is visually stunning—an overall superior result to printed format. Indoor facilities (athletic and otherwise) are the ideal forum for appliquéd banners and flags, which retain their bold, quality appearance even when viewed from a distance.

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Historically, designs for appliquéd banners were projected onto fabric and then traced by hand. Once the design had been completely transferred each shape would be hand sewn. This process was time-consuming and allowed room for human error. Luckily, the modern age provides us with the technology and equipment to produce appliquéd banners and flags more quickly and accurately to the desired design. Digital art files that have been properly vectorized are exported thru a plotter, which creates a 100% accurate pattern for transferring the design to fabric. Then it’s on to the Production Room where Accent Banner proudly maintains a fleet of “work horse” sewing machines made by Singer in 1955. Once the stitching of the applique designs are completed, excess fabric is trimmed away to reveal the desired image.

 Appliquéd banners are Accent Banner’s signature product. These beautiful, colorful, and unique fabric-on-fabric stitched creations are designed and hand-crafted on-site, with benefit of the finest workmanship in the industry.


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