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Play Name That Flag! Win a U.S. Flag!

Posted by Derrek Coss on Jun 25, 2012 12:50:00 PM

Play Name That Flag! Win a U.S. Flag!

Considering there are hundreds if not thousands of flag designs in the world we aren't ashamed to admit that these three flags have us stumped. Yep, the flag and banner specialists are at a loss and asking for your help. In return we'll gladly provide the winner with a 3'H x 5'W Nylon U.S. flag. Take a look below and post your answers in the comments section of this blog article. Good luck and thanks for the help!


1:unkown flag design blue field with white logo

2:unknown flag with horizontal white and red fields3:unknown flag with blue, orange and white fields including a tiger

Thanks for playing!



Congratulations to Steve Naylor! Your research paid off and were the first person to guess all 3 flags, well done! We have your 3'x5' US flag ready for you, come by anytime! 
Again, great job and thanks for playing "Name That Flag"!

As answered by Steve Naylor: 

Flag : "Is a sub-national flag of Micronesia, called Yap. Micronesia is a sub region of Oceania comprising of thousands of small islands in the Western Pacific."
Flag 2:  "Is a sub-national flag of South America, called Atlántico Department (Columbia)."

Flag 3 : "The flag is from Bophuthatswana (South African homeland). The image is a Leopard, not a tiger."

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