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USA Flag Anatomy and Vexillology Terms

Posted by Derrek Coss on Mar 6, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Do you know the definition of “vexillology?”   If you overheard a discussion between two vexillologists (and we’re sure there are at least two of them) it would likely sound like a conversation in some strange alien language.  Well, hold on to your seat, folks--because we’re about to give you a lesson in vexillology, the scientific study of flags.

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What is Vexillology?

Posted by Accent Banner on Oct 30, 2017 11:56:00 AM

What is Vexillology?

Vexillology is the study of history, symbolism, origins, and uses of flags as well as any general interest in flags and what their history, symbolism, and meaning is to the people who live in that specific area of the world. the word vexillology comes from the synthesis of the Greek word vexillum which means "flag" and the Greek suffix -logia which means "study". This makes the world vexillology which means "study of the flags". 


Vecillology Associations

Since this field of study was established there has been a various vexillological association that has popped up around the world where people are interested in studying the history, emblems, and flags that have meant so much to so many people from various parts of the world for so long. One such vexillological association is The UK's National Flag Charity which is entirely funded by member's subscriptions to the association and this is currently the largest membership-based flag organization in the world with members hailing from all 6 inhabited continents. 



The society's goal is to educate people about the important roles that flags play in societies all around the world. The UK's National Flag Charity was founded on St. George's Day which was 23 April 1971. The Flag Institute is proud to maintain until this very day that it has the largest national registry of flags registered anywhere in the UK both on a national and on a regional level. 

*Example of the subtle history that's included in a flag - like this Portuguese National Flag.


Anyone can be a registered member and will receive a quarterly publication called the Flagmaster and are also invited to attend meetings held by the UK's National Flag charity which is held at various locations throughout the UK. The UK's National Flag Charity is also proud to provide vexillological services to HM Government and many other UK organizations as well as others around the world including the United Nations. Our offered services to these organizations include advising on uses of flags, designing new flags, and collecting information about flags that already exist around the world.

For more flag facts and information take a look at our other blog posts. To create a custom flag or banner for your own home or business contact one of our flag specialists to receive a free quote. A member of our team can talk you through the process of creating your own custom banner or flag.  


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John Penniman - Maker of the Official Boston Seal

Posted by Accent Banner on Oct 3, 2017 7:28:00 AM


A Brief History of John Penniman, designer of official seal of Boston, Massachusetts.

Painter and engraver John Ritto Penniman was no ordinary artist; his brush dipped into many different styles and methods throughout his life. From a young age he was determined to become a high-level artist, dedicating himself to the easel and more. Though he began his career by painting portraits and later moved toward romantic landscapes, his creativity extended beyond his easel as he also produced murals and book illustrations.

He was active in the Boston community, including teaching at Boston's first art academy and painting for the Freemasons. He designed and painted furniture, including clock faces, with a particular focus on alternating patterns of light and dark. His networking garnered him connections with architects, government, and fellow painters and designers.


Designing the Official Boston Seal

Not the least of Penniman's many achievements was this design of the official seal of Boston. Featuring the Boston skyline including the State House, clouds, and harbor, he rendered the city's details beautifully. It is enclosed within the Latin for the Bible verse "God be with us as He was with our fathers" above and "City-Status Granted by the Authority of the State in 1822" below. He designed the seal with the Boston revolutionary army in mind, as it sports the blue and white of their uniforms. 

*The Official Seal of Boston

There's certainly a reason Penniman is the most famous flag painter of New England, and it's easy to see why. He is an inspiration to many artists across the country for his unflagging determination to improve his craft, which blossomed into an extraordinary talent. If you'd like to design a custom flag or banner of your own contact Accent Banner today for design tips or to request a free quote. 

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