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Simple Tips for Flag Care

Posted by Alan J. Duro on Jan 5, 2015 3:29:00 PM

Now that you have found the perfect flag for your home or business, you need to know how to take care of it. Taking proper care of your flag will not only help ensure its longevity and protect your investment, doing so will also help it look its best as well. The following flag care and flag maintenance tips can help you get the most out of your flag.


schrafft's03Beware of the Wind

Because your flags are displayed outside, they are going to be exposed to the elements in ways that are likely to alter their appearance over time. The very wind that makes the flags flutter so beautifully can also damage them. Fraying, for example, is a pretty common result of windy days. Flag repair for frayed edges consists of trimming the offending parts in order to put a halt to the fraying.

Sunlight Can Be Hard on Flags

Custom flags are that designed to be flown outdoord are made of strong, weather-resistant nylon. This type of material gives the flag a certain amount of protection against the elements, such as the sun. However, it cannot preserve the integrity and looks of the flag indefinitely. This is one reason why the placement of the flag is so important. While the flags often need to be placed in areas that ensure the highest amount of visibility, this needs to be balanced against locations that help protect the flags from the sun's harmful rays.


Caring for a Wet Flag

Caring for a flag that is wet calls for special steps. If the flag became wet due to rain or snow, it is best to remove it from its outdoor location as soon as possible. To ensure that it does not mold, do not roll the flag up or fold it. Instead, lay it out flat to dry.

Your flag can be washed as well, and doing so can help it last longer. Using a mild soap and the gentle cycle on your washer, wash your flag regularly. Be sure to remove it promptly from the washer and lay it flat to dry. If you desire, you can also send your flag out to the dry cleaners to be professionally cleaned. For flag maintenance and flag installation services contact us and request a custom quote.


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