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What is involved in a light pole banner project?

Posted by Jim Bouchard on Jul 7, 2015 7:00:00 AM

What is involved in a light pole banner project?

Our custom light pole banners provide a great way to get the word out about your business, light pole bannersorganization or event. But what is involved in getting this type of project done? There are many different considerations depending on your location. Let's take a look at a typical scenario:

Where do you start?

First you have to contact the owner of the light poles where you want to install the banners, and typically if it is a public street it would be the City or Town’s public works authority. They may have a policy in place for light pole banners with guidelines and regulations that need to be pursued, and that will vary from place to place. (Within our local Metropolitan Boston area we are happy to help in this respect). Once the appropriate permissions are given it is time to make the banners.

How are the brackets and banners installed?

If there is not hardware on the light poles already from a previous project, the appropriate light pole bracket set will need to be procured for the particular project. What you will need to install light pole banners: Bracket set, banners, bucket Truck, power drill with screwdriver bits, cable ties, electrical tape, tin snips

Usually the banners are installed on light poles on the public way at least 13’ from street level so as to avoid most trucks and to provide clear visibility. For safe installation it is necessary to use a bucket truck (a ladder will not do as is not stable enough when leaning against the light pole) and often the local regulations will require a police detail be used if standing a bucket truck in the street.

You then locate the placement of the top bracket by adding 13’ to the banner height, and then tape the top bracket onto the pole to hold it in place while installing the hose clamps. Once the hose clamps are screwed into place, the hose clamps can be snipped to cut off any excess clamp to tidy up the hardware. Then install the banner on the bracket and use a cable tie to keep the banner in place. Locate the bottom bracket by putting the bracket arm through the bottom sleeve of the banner and attach the hose clamps and cable tie as before.

Now that you know how to install light pole banners, it's time to take action by looking into your local guidelines for this type of program. At Accent Banner, we've been serving the greater Boston area in one fashion or another since 1938. Please contact us today for more information on light pole banners, to design your banners to increase your business or organizations visibility in your community or to get a free quote.


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