Gonfalon: shapes, options, & accessories

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AccentBanner_Lesley Gonf_BckdrpGonfalons, commonly referred to as graduation banners, have long been a staple of commencement ceremonies across the world. There seems to be nothing else that expresses as much elegance or honor as one feels when watching a class of graduates marching down the aisle led by a gonfalon displaying their department or college name proudly. Accent Banner has been supplying schools and organizations around the globe with applique, print, or hybrid (a combination of applique and print) gonfalons for years. In this blog we discuss the most common gonfalon shapes, sizes, options, and accessories.

UNE Gonfalons1Every gonfalon produced is custom to the client’s needs, any size or shape can be achieved. However, common sizes of gonfalons when used to march down the aisle as well as displayed are 24”W x 42”H or 36”W x 60”H. These sizes are large enough for the gonfalon to be read from a distance yet small enough to walk with. Keep in mind we can produce whatever size and shape works best for your commencement ceremony. Recently we produced gonfalons so large they were used as backdrops!

AccentBanner_HUGE Gonf









Typically, gonfalons have a vertical orientation and are either rectangular with a flat bottom, a swallowtail bottom, or a triangle tip bottom. Similarly, to the sizing of a gonfalon, one can request any shape or orientation they desire. For some a horizontal orientation works best. It all just depends on how you intend to use them and where you intend to display them.UMass Grad

Typical gonfalon options include:
-    A pole sleeve along the top
-    A button hole in the pole sleeve to expose the crossbar hardware
-    A chain or lightweight dowel sewn into the bottom sleeve of rectangular gonfalons
-    A Velcro strap on the back for connecting to a vertical pole
-    Fringe along both sides and the bottom or the just the bottom

No gonfalon is complete without accessories. Consider how you intend on using and displaying the gonfalon to determine which of the accessories below best fit your needs.
-    Vertical wood pole
-    Horizontal wood crossbar
-    Acorn ornaments for the top of the vertical pole and ends of the crossbar
       Note: various decorative ornaments are available as well
-    Brass hook and eye hardware for connecting the crossbar to the vertical pole
-    Weighted stand or base

Gonfalons X2BBHS Gonfalonconcordia

There are many options to gonfalons but don’t let that deter you! Accent Banner has been in the gonfalon game for a long time and are happy to help guide you through the process. Once you have our custom-made gonfalons on display your commencement ceremony will look better than ever!


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Event Planning Tips: Planning a Graduation Party

Posted by Accent Banner on Jan 30, 2018 8:11:00 AM
Graduation season is an annual event that marks the lives of many young people every year between May and June. This is the time of year when an entire new crop of young people graduate high school and move on from their schooling years to either attending college/university, going to a trade school, or finding their first real jobs in the adult world. This is often signaling a change from youth to adulthood when young people begin to spread their wings and find their freedom and way as well as their career calling in life.
Often this calls for a celebration of sorts such as a party or get-together of family and friends to celebrate this milestone in the young person's life. While it's easy to go out and start having grandiose dreams of what you want the party to be and look like, it's essential that you start with some basic guidelines to help you plan your special bash. This means laying out a plan as to what you want to do and how to do it while keeping to your budget. The following are some great tips to help you plan that particular party while still minding a budget and ensuring the day goes off without a hitch:


Establish A Budget

No matter what kind of party you want, you have to have some type of budget. Decide what you are willing to spend and stick with it. Glitz and glam are great, but it has to be practical and affordable.


Choose A Venue  

Decide where you want to hold the event and be sure that you can afford to book that location. Also, ensure that the venue is available for the ideal date of your party. Often venues will get booked far in advance and will be double booked around graduation time. Booking the venue can often be the most expensive component of your party so make sure to shop around and choose a location that fits your budget.


See Graduation Gonfalon Gallery


Pick A Convenient Date/Time

Try to plan the party when many others in your circle or group of friends are free or are not attending other parties when at all possible. This allows people to make the event without feeling torn between more than one party or event on the same day or at the same time. It also ensures better attendance.


Food & Drink

Remember that you are going to be appealing to anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred people. Determine which cuisines will serve the most of that population the best. Whether you want to have pizza or hot dogs and hamburgers, you want to choose something that most people will enjoy partaking in. For drinks, provide a variety of options from bottled water to tea to soda so that everyone has something available that they like.




You may consider using your school colors to decorate for your party or use photos or pictures from the school years that bring back great memories. Showing off something that everyone can relate to helps bring everyone together to celebrate a significant milestone in this young person's life. Often people may display custom signs, graduation gonfalons, or other customized banners and flags to represent their school or place of graduation. 


graduation gonfalons

*Above are some custom graduation gonfalons that Accent Banner created for Lesley University in Boston. Click our gonfalons image gallery link above to see more gonfalon pictures


There are plenty of ways to go about celebrating the end of someone graduating high school. It's all about your personal preferences and what fits your style and circle of friends and family best. Keeping all of these factors in mind when planning your party will ensure your celebration is a success.


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Graduation Traditions Decoded

Posted by Accent Banner on Feb 16, 2017 9:55:00 AM

Did you ever wonder why graduates wear caps and gowns, or why we call a diploma a "sheepskin"?
There are so many traditions in graduation ceremonies that we take for granted without knowing how or why they originated. So while you're holding your graduation gonfalon walking to recieve your diploma this spring we've put together some interesting food for thought. Here's a breakdown of the curious and different traditions and history behind the modern graduation ceremony. 


A Musical Tradition is Borngraduation gonfalon

Every high school and college student in the U.S. files in to receive their diploma to the strains of what we know as "Pomp and Circumstance". In reality, the "song" is just a small piece of Sir Edward Elgar's composition of 1901, entitled "March No. 1 in D Major" (Doesn't sound quite as catchy, does it?). The first time it was played in America was at Yale's 1905 graduation ceremony when the school invited Sir Edward Elgar to that year's commencement to receive an honorary degree. The New Haven Symphony Orchestra played the piece, as well as parts of his other compositions, in his honor as the graduating class marched in. Turns out, folks enjoyed that particular tune so much that it spread to other college ceremonies (i.e. Princeton, Chicago, Columbia, Vassar and Rutgers) through the rest of the decade, eventually becoming the standard for all graduation ceremonies.


See Graduation Gonfalon Gallery


The Cap and Gown: A Graduate's Official Uniform

Where on earth did the whole cap and gown tradition start -- and when? Believe it or not, the tradition  goes back literally thousands of years and to another continent. Caps and gowns originated in the 13th and 14th centuries in Europe, when universities began forming throughout the continent. But it wasn't until the late 1800s that England began designating different colors for different fields of study. The gowns symbolized the title of scholar, and Oxford and Cambridge are two of the few universities around the globe that to this day have their professors wear gowns in the classroom to signify their academic status.

The graduation cap (a.k.a. the "mortar board") got its nickname because it reminded people of the tool masons use to spread mortar! The tassel was added in the 1800s. Protocol dictates that the tassel be worn on the right side of the cap until the graduating student has his diploma in-hand. Then, and only then, the student may flip the tassel over to the left side. The hat toss is said to symbolize the student being free to "take flight in the world", by some accounts. But the tradition is actually believed to have started for a more practical reason by Naval Academy graduates on 1912. For the first time that year, the Navy gave graduates their new officer's caps at the graduation ceremony. Since they no longer needed the midshipman's caps they'd been wearing for four years at the academy, they tossed them into the air and donned their new officer's caps instead.


graduation banner

*Commencement at Lesley with a custom large format graduation banner


The Original Diploma

You may have guessed that the reason we call diplomas "sheepskins" is because the first diplomas were actually printed on the skin of a sheep -- which is, essentially, parchment paper. (Parchment paper can be made from the skin of a sheep, a goat or a calf.)


The Class Ring

Another American tradition, the class ring, was also originally conceived by the U.S. military in 1835 at West Point. The first class rings were plain, but soon morphed into the heavy ring with a stone center that we know today. Seniors and graduates wear class rings to show both school pride as well as a sense of accomplishment.

So now you're armed with plenty of graduation trivia that you can pass on to your own children when their time to graduate high school or college comes! Contact us for information about school banners or flags to show your school pride. We're happy to put together a custom quote for graduation banners, commencement gonfalons, or any other custom banners for graduation you might need. 


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