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5 Characteristics of Successful Event Planners

Posted by Accent Banner on May 9, 2017 3:43:00 PM

Many people probably don’t realize what it takes to be a successful event planner. Event planners are professionals who coordinate the many aspects involved with an event. They usually determine an event’s location, set up transportation, manage the design of branded custom banners, and organize all the details surrounding the event. If you’re thinking about entering this profession, here are five of the most important characteristics of a successful event planner. 



1.) Creativity pole banners

Creativity is an underated trait that is desperatley needed. You’ll want to have every aspect of your event stand out rather than be ordinary. For example, consider your invitations. Instead of having standard invitations, involving plain text, a white card and a white envelope, consider vibrant and brightly colored envelopes, along with rich images describing the event. Event planners often create custom banners or pole banners for promoting the event and are usually displayed near the area where the event is hosted. 

Be creative, regarding your event’s venue, such as suggesting having the venue at an atypical location. Maybe it could be held at a ampitheatre, or outdoor tent, instead of the standard venue, such as a hotel conference room. As for catering, why not include unique options like food trucks instead of the standard catering service.



2.) Close Attention to Details

From the initial planning stages to the final execution stage, event planners are responsible for coordinating every little detail of an event. In addition to staying on track with the many details involved in planning an event, realize that these details can easily and quickly change. Furthermore, a single change can affect other aspects of the event.


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3.) Adaptability

Flexibility or adaptability is critical if you want to be an exceptional event planner. This entails always being prepared. In other words, have an alternative plan when changes occur, which they often do. A common example is having a backup plan for an event that’s intended to be outdoors. Because most events are planned far in advance, it’s easy for the weather to take a turn for the worst, so you’ll need to know what to do when the weather changes.  


“Just because you have planned something doesn’t mean it is going to happen.”

– Jung Lee, celebrity event planner/producer



4.) Level-headedness

Staying calm under pressure, along with good leadership skills, is needed when you plan events. If you tend to panic when things don’t go the way they should, consider another career. Keep in mind how your customers, besides your guests and vendors, expect you to respond when problems arise. They look to you to solve issues and keep a positive attitude, even during a crisis.



iStock-165645252.jpg5.) Good People Skills

An event planner should have excellent skills as this is a profession that revolves around people and how you treat them. Besides your customers, you’ll also be dealing with their guests and several vendors. If you fail to have a good relationship with the people with whom you conduct business, you’ll be ineffective. Also, be humble, putting the interests of your clients above your own. Remember, that the event isn’t about your ego; it’s about the needs of your customers.


Other Important Traits and Considerations:
  • It helps to have above-average writing and speaking abilities as event planning involves a lot of verbal and written communication. Therefore, it’s important that your thoughts, ideas and opinions be conveyed in a way that’s concise and clear to people.
  • An event planner needs to be visionary. This means having a clear vision of how the various elements of an event will fit together. Picture how the theme, venue, speakers, cuisine, entertainment and other factors will all come together to make the event a success.
  • Multi-tasking is part of the job. As planning an event involves various aspects, you can be working with several people at the same time, so being able to multitask is an asset.
  • Managing time well is also essential. In addition to being able to make the best use of time, you’ll also need to be sure that your co-workers and suppliers stick to deadlines.
  • If you’re not passionate about your work, don’t go into event planning. This is a career that can involve a great deal of overtime, besides can be especially stressful. However, when you love what you do, you’re more able to tackle challenges.
  • Good budgeting skills are imperative as you’ll be dealing with all types of budgets from different clients. Knowing the cost of various elements is important. If you’re able to crunch numbers and do basic math, you’ll be better equipped.
  • It helps to be a technology wizard. Thanks to modern technology, today there are many types of mobile apps and event management software that are useful in sorting out priorities and solving problems.


Exceptional event planners need to have the best equipment. Custom pole banners are one of the ways that we can help create an amazing event. Accent Banner specializes in custom applique banners and works with a wide range of organizations, such as schools, colleges, state-run facilities, private companies, sports teams, non-profit firms and others. Please contact us and learn more about how we can help you create amazing products for your next event. 


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