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The 5 Styles of Table Drapes

Posted by Derrek Coss on Feb 6, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Table Drapes: 5 Table Display Designs You May Not Know About


table drapes

What is the difference between a custom table cover, table drapes or table skirt? More importantly, which style do you need for your event? Below are a few factors to consider when selecting the right table cover style:

  • On the marketing side, determine which graphics and how large they should be to deliver your message.
  • On the logistics side, what is the event table size? Are your event tables always the same size or does the size vary?



 The Table Drape:

The Table Drape simply hangs over the top and front of your display table. Above is a great example of a simple front-facing display that highlights your logo or message while simultaneously concealing items stored under the table.

Although the back panel or "lip" of the table drape helps hold the drape in place we suggest fastening it to the back edge of the table for added security. Additionally, the single display panel of a table drape typically has a lower cost versus more intricate styles to follow.



fitted table cover

The Fitted Table Cover:

The Fitted Table Cover is a popular option when using the same size table for each event. The fitted cover is made for a specific table size. The design is snug at the edges of the table. It is an exact fit and there is plenty of room for a company message on the front as well as on both ends panels. 

Event attendees see your message coming and going from your trade show booth.


table throw

The Table Throw:

A Table Throw has a “loose” fitting design which provides flexibility as it can be used on a variety of table sizes. Just be careful the table isn’t too large or small. We can guarantee someone will notice and that may not be good.

Like the fitted table cover, the table throw can display your message on the front and both ends. Just remember the table cover is loose fitting.



table skirt

The Table Skirt:

A Table Skirt is exactly what you might imagine, it's a skirt. The skirt does not cover the table top…just the table's sides.  Each of the skirt’s four sides must be secured to the table top.  This is a common design for a wedding gift table or event registration table and you have three sides to display your message.


table banner


The Table Banner:

The Table Banner is the epitome of flexibility. The banner will fit multiple size tables. If the banner is too long for a table simply wrap the banner around the table ends. If the table is too long just center the banner on the table front.

And, there is plenty of room for graphics. Like the table drape the single display panel reduces cost. Price is always a factor in the table drape selection process. If we group the table covers according to cost (least to most) the groups probably look like this:

Group 1:  Table Banner & Table Drape

Group 2:  Table Skirt (can you really have a group with one item?)

Group 3:  Fitted Table Cover & Table Throw

If you have any questions please contact us. We will be happy to help. Have a great conference!

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