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Using Light Pole Banners to Promote Your Organization or Event

Posted by Alan J. Duro on Dec 29, 2014 9:30:00 AM

In the crowded marketing world of today, businesses need to utilize fresh and innovative approaches that enable them to capture attention. Using some type of signage has long been a popular way for organizations, corporations and non-profits to do so. In fact, this method has been used so much that it has become a crowded avenue of advertisement. There are ways that these entities can set themselves apart from the others though.

Tap Into the Innovative Resources That are Available


Light pole banners enable these corporations, non-profits and organizations that want and need to make their events known to the public to do so in a way that utilizes existing structures while still exuding a substantial amount of class and decorum. It is an added bonus that these structures also happen to be highly visible. It is not enough to simply have a light pole from which to hang marketing product though.

Custom banners that vividly tell the story of the organization or non-business in a bright and attention-provoking way make passersby stop and take notice. Given the flair and attractiveness that applique banners have, a great deal of curiosity and excitement that prompts people to find out more is generated.

Installation and Removal are a Snap

Designed with pole pockets to facilitate ease of placement, light pole banners can be easily installed, maintained and removed by trained professionals. Working with the field team representative ensures that their placement is in the best interests of the business. For longer lasting results, for example, it is crucial that these promotional pieces are placed in locations that allow for the maximum in visibility while still being protected from the elements. This process - from the design and manufacture of custom banners to the light pole banner installation - enables businesses to simply place their order and then walk way, secure in the knowledge that professionals are hard at work at doing what they do best.



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