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How to Display a US Flag at Night

Posted by Alan J. Duro on Sep 22, 2016 7:30:00 AM

Showing your pride of the stars and stripes is an ideal way to ensure your patriotism shines bright at work or home. However, no matter how visible your US flag may be in the daylight hours, it can be trying to keep your flag visible once the sun goes down. It is a matter of etiquette to either take your flag down at night or keep it illuminated. There are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when you display a US Flag at night.


Lighting a Basic Flag Pole

If you have an average flag pole, you really don't have to make an expensive investment to keep it illuminated after dark. Go with an inexpensive light bulb base that you can simply plug right into an extension cord. Many of the home center stores carry lights designed to work outdoors and included a spike for easily installation in your lawn or mulch bed. When you set up the light, simply aim the bulb upward so that it is shining in the direction of the flag. This technique is cheap and it works just fine for a flag pole that stands ten to fifteen feet.


Illuminating a High-Standing Flag at Night     Display a US Flag at Night

Having a tall-standing flag pole on your property allows for viewers to witness your admiration of Old Glory from afar, but keeping the flag illuminated at night will require a little more effort. It is a good idea to invest in a simple electric spotlight that has a reflective backing to direct the aim of the light directly upward to the flag. You can also use a basic light fixture fitted with a high-wattage halogen bulb, such as a 150-watt type, and plug the fixture into a timer so it kicks off and on as needed.

A relatively newer option, and one that available through Accent Banner is a solar light. These fixtures mount directly to the flag pole and do not require any wiring. Some even included a small back up battery just in case you have a few cloudy days in a row.


Keeping Your House-Mounted Flag Visible After Dark

A flag mounted at an angle from your home is fairly simple to keep visible at night if it is near your porch or patio where you will probably already have a light fixture anyway. If your house-mounted flag is not within the vicinity of your outdoor lighting, you can always have an electrician add an extra fixture that is wired right into your existing switch. 

For more flag information and resources checkout our other blog posts on Flag care at www.accentbanner.com.


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