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Government Puts New Ban On Foreign-Made U.S. Flags

Posted by Alan J. Duro on Mar 6, 2015 10:58:19 AM

The Department of Defense released some good news for domestic flag makers this week. They have decided to prohibit U.S. flags made overseas at U.S.military bases around the world in response to new congressional requirements.  This means that the Department of Defense will be purchasing ONLY American made flags for their military bases and calling the new rule "A symbol of National Pride."


Department of Defense spokesman Mark Wright said in an interview that “It’s a measure of the level of patriotism within our military to know the flag they salute, flying over that ship or over that base, was made within the United States,”

Interestinly however the new rule does not apply to all the other components that go into hanging a flag; such as the flagpole, the halyards, or brackets. 

Not only will this new rule have an effect symbolically and patriotically but economically as well. The US flag manufacturing industry sells approximately $300 million in American Flags each year. This new rule will have an impact on domestic manufacturers and their ability to create jobs locally. Previously the military would purchase flags from stores in America, but they would not check to see where they were made - and often times they are made overseas.

It's interesting to note that the new rule will apply to official flags purchased by the military with government allocated funds, however solders will still be allowed to purchase foreign-made American flags with their own money.

This rule applies already to other military equipment like uniforms and boots mainly for the protection of the soliders. This new rule is a great show of national pride and great news for domestic flag manufactuers around the country.



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