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Interview By: Steve Gobron : Engineering Supervisor

What Was Your Experience Before Using Accent Banner:


Q: Summarize three challenges or points of frustration you faced before you started working with Accent Banner. How has Accent Banner specifically addressed those problems?

A: We used to have long lead times on our orders. Accent Banner fixed this issue with prompt delivers. We sometimes had no-shows for service. Accent Banner always has quick responses and quality repairs. And other vendors just had poor customer service. Accent always picks up the phone and follows up with their service.


Q: What tactics did you try before you started using Accent Banner? What were the results?

A: We used several different local vendors with mixed results. 


Your Experience Using Accent Banner:


Q:What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you needed to try Accent Banner?

A: I met one of their lead salesmen Fred at The Boston Convention Center. Afterwards their other lead salesmen Jim followed through with me with excellent service.

 Q:What are the top 3 features that you "love" about Accent Banner?

A: The top 3 features that I love are their customer service, their range of product, and their response time.


Your Results With Accent Banner:


Q: What specific problems has Accent Banner addressed that other companies of your size/type might be able to relate to?

A: A couple of the problems they've solved for me include delevering items promptly and good mechanical repairs.


Q:Did you experience any direct "big win" business results for your company because of Accent Banner? (i.e. more customer engagement, better brand recognition, increased business, etc.)

A: The improvement in service that Accent Banner was able to offer lead to less time wasted chasing vendors and explaining delays.


Would You Recommend Accent Banner:


Q:What is the single biggest reason you would recommend/why you love Accent Banner?

A: When I ask them for something they always deliver.