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Products Showcased: Athletics Banners, Printed Banners


Interview By: 

Dave Walberg - Sports Information Director - UMass Boston

What Was Your Experience Before Using Accent Banner:


Q: Summarize three challenges or points of frustration you faced before you started working with Accent Banner. How has Accent Banner specifically addressed those problems?

A:  1. Consistency of work 2. Meeting deadlines  3. Overall detail of work - Found myself telling the vendors what needed to be changed on the project multiple times.





Q: What tactics did you try before you started using Accent Banner? What were the results?

A: The only company we used before Accent Banner, went out of business.  The one major project we did with them was terrible and was replaced less than a year later.


Your Experience Using Accent Banner: 

Q:What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you needed to try Accent Banner?

A: First it was the cost and second it was the professionalism of Fred and the entire AB staff.  Everything we wanted from a sign company we found in AB and have been more than satisfied with the quality of work.


Your Results With Accent Banner:

Q: What specific problems has Accent Banner addressed that other companies of your size/type might be able to relate to?

A: The biggest problem we come across is total cost of projects.  The quality that we get from AB is amazing and we are especially happy with the cost of each project and how quickly it gets completed.


umb2Q:Did you experience any direct "big win" business results for your company because of Accent Banner? (i.e. more customer engagement, better brand recognition, increased business, etc.)

A: Not yet, but we have received numerous compliments on how the athletics banners add to the facilities here at UMass.


Would You Recommend Accent Banner:

Q: What is the single biggest reason you would recommend/why you love Accent Banner?

A:The staff at AB is enough reason for me to recommend AB to other colleges and businesses.  I love working with everyone at AB and I plan on continuing this partnership as long as I am at UMass.